Online training
without human trainers

Scale-up your L&D department with autonomous training sessions
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Over 49.000 employees have learned with our software

"The levels of improvement being reported by early-adopters of Ai driven HR tools are remarkable"


It's like having 1000 professional trainers
in your L&D pocket

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self-run training content

No code, no complicated scripts: just drag & drop elements on your canvas and what you build is what they see. The Ai engine will learn from your input and know how to analyze people performance during the course.

Blazing fast authoring tool

Optimized for self-run training content

Automatic scoring with the help of Ai

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Put training on auto-pilot

Schedule sessions in people's calendar just like you would schedule any training session.
You can also promote highly skilled employees as mentors & coaches for an extra layer or of debt and creating a true learning culture.

Create learning paths for the whole year

Add mentors, coaches & observers

Deploy to thousands of employees at a time

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Intro. Experience. Debriefing.

People log-in at the date of the event and go to the process together with their colleagues.
The team dynamics embedded into the system increases engagement, and the automated debriefing makes sure AHA moments follow the course.

Audio-video integrated for collaboration

Synchronicity like on a virtual whiteboard

Works in any modern browser

Analytics that can predict employee performance

Turn any course into an assessment centre with the help of Predictive Ai & understand what your employees need the most: support, more training, mentoring, coaching...
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Use cases

Most clients use to scale-up their L&D function and bring the power of Ai analytics to make better decisions. From onboarding employees to training follow-up, the depth of the platform helps both decrease cost & increase impact.
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