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for emerging talent

Social | Collaborative | Gamified.
Just like your young employees.

“The software creates experiential learning moments in the virtual space that are as natural as the real-life experiences.”

Cristina Leca
Country Coordinator for Training & Development @ Continental Automotive

A learning experience from another world

Engagement sky-rockets when training is completed together instead of alone, and when it looks and feels like a game
100+ Paths
Over 100 possible learning paths, from onboarding to executive leadership
-80% Cost
Five times more cost effective than hiring an internal or external L&D team
3x Engagement
Get three times the engagement of e-learning courses
6x Completion
See your completion rates for courses skyrocket to 95% (compared to LMS)

Does my company need this?

We believe great products are great
only when matched with the right customers
Choose us if you have...
Low engagement with your current learning efforts
Between 50 - 1000 employees
Tech-savvy GenZ employees
A passion for Artificial Intelligence, Data & Gaming
Don't choose us if you have...
High engagement with your learning
An entire L&D Department for content & learning management
Less tech-savvy employees
A passion for more traditional learning

Great learning can be difficult to design

But don't worry, we got you covered

Learning without the boring parts

Subtle game mechanics
Content is hidden behind interesting elements to be discovered and explored just like in an epic quest, where the heroes embark on a journey to
Themes, stories & styles
It's does't need to look like a game to feel like a game, but it certainly helps. That's why we've added game storylines and visuals typically found in games to create an immersive experience.
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Multiplayer learning

Nobody learns alone
Our system works by creating online learning rooms, where people join their colleagues to solve learning challenges, share knowledge and bond.
No supervision needed
Our AI technology makes learning happen without the necessity to supervise the process. It's not magic, but it's pretty close to it.
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To keep it real, the content reflects your reality

Hundreds of customizable learning paths
We have an ever growing library of learning modules that we can customize for your specific needs with the help of AI and our instructional designers.
New content from scratch
If we don't already have a framework for what you need, we will build one just for you.
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Is learning really happening?

Understand people's skill level
The advanced analytics can give you insights into what people really know about a topic and how likely it is they will put theory into practice.
Spot confidence & engagement problems before they grow
We use AI technologies like facial recognition and speech-to-text to determine the emotional impact of learning sessions.
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Built for upskilling young employees

Management enablement
Management case-studies on giving feedback, setting objectives & dealing with performance issues
Agile Enablement
Get Agile teams together to learn from each other, share common challenges and build team spirit
Sales enablement
Sales scenarios for your salespeople and unleash the power of teamwork in solving sales challenges
Customer service
Have your customer service people understand what outstanding customer service means and how to put it into practice
Problem solving
Get people to practice solving actual issues and challenges by deploying business cases that teach, inspire & focus
Turn your business, agile or management playbooks into living having us build them into interactive team courses

Extra services & support

Classroom training
Sometimes online learning is not enough, that's why we offer a wide range of tech driven classroom training, together with experienced facilitators
Consulting & coaching
If you are just starting to scale your people development function, we can help with outstanding digital processes and tools
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You are in good company

Our software products are used by some of the largest companies worldwide.
49,000+ trained employees
“The software creates experiential learning moments in the virtual space that are as natural as the real-life experiences.”
Cristina Leca
Country Coordinator for Training & Development @ Continental Automotive