Need to train employees
remotely ?

Training Enablement Software (TES)
for distributed teams
15/16 clients sign a contract after the demo

Imagine a digital canvas, but designed for learning

Engagement sky-rockets when training is completed together instead of alone
Save up to $3,000 / per 100 employees / month
-80 Hours
Free up to 80 training hours / trainer / 100 employees each month
3x Engagement
Get three times the engagement of e-learning courses
6x Completion
See your completion rates for courses skyrocket to 95% (compared to LMS)

What is TES ?

Training Enablement Software (TES) is a set of digital tools that allows a company to scale their training capacity & get insights into what people actually know
Better for remote workers
90%+ completion rates
Advanced  people analytics
For skill building & learning culture
For teams
E-learning platforms
Better for office workers
20% completion rates
Measures course completion
For traceability & compliance
For individual learners

Multiple use-cases for multiple needs

Digital Learning Culture

Peer-to-peer learning
The learning process "forces" people to collaborate by exchanging information and knowledge with one-another.
Share best practices
Take your company's accumulated wisdom (best practices) and deploy them in the form of automated training sessions.
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People Analytics

Understand people's skill level
The advanced analytics can give you insights into what people really know about a topic and how likely it is they will put theory into practice.
Spot confidence & engagement problems before they grow
By measuring people's confidence in their own knowledge on a topic, you can become more intentional in your coaching efforts.
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Employee Onboarding

Onboarding at scale
Create learning paths for hundreds of employees at a time and watch them discover the company and their new colleagues with the help of mentors.
Spot problems before they become problems
Get insights into new joiner's mood & alignment with company values before they become issues that affect your company.
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Employee Engagement

Add pre-work to live training
Get people excited before a course by sending them relevant challenges & ideas on topics at hand, then start the session by discussing the outcome.
Deploy follow-up sessions
Fight the forgetting curve by scheduling automated follow-up sessions where people can practice the acquired knowledge and get support from their peers
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Built for businessenablement

Management enablement
Build & deploy management case-studies on giving feedback, setting objectives & dealing with performance issues
Agile Enablement
Get Agile teams together to learn from each other, share common challenges and build team spirit
Sales enablement
Build sales scenarios for your salespeople and unleash the power of teamwork in solving sales challenges
Customer service
Have your customer service people understand what outstanding customer service means and how to put it into practice
Problem solving
Get people to practice solving actual issues and challenges by deploying business cases that teach, inspire & focus
Turn your business, agile or management playbooks into living things by building them into interactive team courses

Fastest setup in the whole market

Up & running in under 5 days
No other learning tool in the market can be deployed as fast as*
*6 times faster than the next best tool
We go beyond tech support
Complementary Onboarding for your L&D team.
Complementary Workshops for client L&D teams.
Content creation, consulting & coaching to help you create a digital learning culture.
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Integrates with your Workforce Management Tool
We help you integrate it with Workday or any other similar solution.
Audio-Video out of the box
Training templates
The fastest authoring tool on the market
GDPR & Security compliant
# TES moves your company into the future

Use what youalready have

You don't need to reinvent the wheel.

Most training content used by trainers is in a common format, like PowerPoint and PDF, so you can speed up course development by using what you already have.

Extra services & support

Content creation services
Our team of instructional designers can turn your static content (PPT, PDF etc.) into TES courses
Workshops, training & consulting
Our in-house facilitators can help you build a learning culture where people are happy to learn and share what they know
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You are in good company

Our software products are used by some of the largest companies worldwide.
49,000+ trained employees
“The software creates experiential learning moments in the virtual space that are as natural as the real-life experiences.”
Cristina Leca
Country Coordinator for Training & Development @ Continental Automotive