Finally, a learning platform
that works for modern employees

Upskill your tech workers with the power of social, collaborative, game-based learning
Over 750+ custom learning modules
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“The software creates experiential learning moments in the virtual space that are as natural as the real-life experiences

Cristina Leca
Country Coordinator for Training & Development @ Continental Automotive

Develop the skills that matter
in the digital world

Business Agility

How to adapt to change and provide value to customers.

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Communication & Relationships

How to communicate with clarity, build trust and solve conflicts.

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Sales & Value Creation

How to generate leads, promote your product and close more deals.

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Collaboration & Problem Solving

How to solve complex problems, share information and collaborate.

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A learning experience from their world

Engagement sky-rockets when e-learning is completed together instead of alone, and when it looks & feels like a game
Learning Paths
Over 100 possible learning paths, from onboarding to executive leadership
Over 750 modules for training a wide variety of skills, from sales to teamwork & beyond
Get fifty times the engagement of classic e-learning courses
See your completion rates for courses skyrocket to 98%
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Learning paths designed to spark their interest*

Through the use of captivating narratives & interactive gameplay elements, even those who are initially doubtful find themselves intrigued by what awaits them.

* This is an example of a more gamified learning path

All you need to build, deploy & analyze amazing learning

You can create your own content
or just step back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting for you

Learning without the boring parts

Subtle game mechanics
Content is hidden behind interesting elements to be discovered & explored just like in an epic quest, where the heroes embark on a journey to improve their skills.
Themes, stories & styles
It's does't need to look like a game to feel like a game, but it certainly helps. That's why we've added game storylines & visuals typically found in games to create an immersive experience.
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Multiplayer learning experiences

Nobody learns alone
Our system works by creating online learning rooms, where people join their colleagues to solve learning challenges, share knowledge and bond.
No supervision needed
Our AI technology makes learning happen without the necessity to supervise the process. It's not magic, but it's pretty close to it.
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To keep it real, the content reflects your reality

Hundreds of customizable learning paths
We have an ever growing library of learning modules that we can customize for your specific needs with the help of AI and our instructional designers.
New content from scratch
If we don't already have a framework for what you need, we will build one just for you.
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Is learning really happening?

Understand people's skill level
The advanced analytics can give you insights into what people really know about a topic and how likely it is they will put theory into practice.
Spot confidence & engagement problems before they grow
We use AI technologies like facial recognition and speech-to-text to determine the emotional impact of learning sessions.
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Your company is a good fit if you have...

We believe great products become greater when matched with the right customer

50-1000 Employees

SMBs in tech are a good match for Teamlearn

GenZ Workers

Young employees enjoy the platform the most

Remote workers

Remote workers feel the need to stay in touch more

Low learning engagement

Our major strength is increasing engagement
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Extra services & support

Classroom training
Sometimes online learning is not enough, that's why we offer a wide range of tech driven classroom training, together with experienced facilitators
Consulting & coaching
If you are just starting to scale your people development function, we can help with outstanding digital processes and tools
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You are in good company

Our software products are used by some of the largest companies worldwide.
50,000+ trained employees
“The software creates experiential learning moments in the virtual space that are as natural as the real-life experiences.”
Cristina Leca
Country Coordinator for Training & Development @ Continental Automotive