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Frequently asked  questions

Is this a fancy LMS?

No. is a Training Enablement Software (TES) and can work in tandem with your current LMS and internal trainers.
An LMS works great for tracking completion and compliance training, while a TES is more focused on learning culture, skill building, and advanced analytics.

This is so new. Can we do a pilot?

Yes, a pilot is possible without a long-term commitment for a lower price. Contact us and we can get it started in no time.

Do you offer discounts for educational institutions?

We sure do. Get in touch and we can work something out.

Can this replace my outdated LMS?

Not really, because Training Enablement Software works in a completely different way and does not have LMS functionality.
What it can do is enhance your skill-building capacity, as no LMS can.

Do you also provide content?

Yes, we publish training scenarios frequently, and you can use them as they are or modify them to better suit your needs.

Is this going to replace human trainers?

NO. What it can do is free up time for human trainers to take care of higher-level training sessions and coaching, while a lot of training needs can be put on auto-pilot.