Two types of pricing
for two types of clients

Our business model takes into account is designed to help both individual  leaders and entire organizations upskill their employees
€ 97

For SMBs

For companies that want to deploy collaborative learning at team level

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Up to 25 learners/month
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Unlimited training sessions
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Unlimited content generation
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24/7 support
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All features
Prices are per month, prepaid for 12 months

We're proud to enable learning for amazing companies

The learning solution for immersive experiences

Organizational plans start from EUR 997/month
Minimum contract length is 1 year
Guaranteed successful implementation & ongoing 24/7 support

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Frequently asked  questions

Can the platform & the pricing be customized?

Yes, we offer solution packages with the possibility of add-ons. We charge based on the number of users and the corresponding solution.

Do you offer discounts for educational institutions?

We sure do. Any public educational institution can purchase our Tech plan at 50% discount. However, our Tech+ plan is not available at a discount.

Can I change my package later?

Yes, you will have a contact person who can handle solution-related adjustments.

How much does it cost & how long is the contract period?

Pricing depends on the level of support you are interested in, the number of learners and amount of customization you require.

We create personalized pricing to ensure it works perfectly for your internal setup. Our standard contracts are from 1 to 3 years with a 12-month invoicing period.

Is this just of tech companies?

While our solution works for any kind of industry as long as it has tech-savvy employees, most of the customizable content in the platform is specifically designed to appeal to employees working in tech.

That being said, send us a message and we can explore your specific case together.