Solutions for your specific learning needs

Like having an L&D department in a box, we offer the full range of services for organizations that need to scale their people development efforts without the hassle of hiring dozens of people

Content production
We build the content you need to develop your remote teams
Learning path design
We help design learning paths for specific roles and functions
We deliver training sessions on critical topics
We  coach your managers, team leaders and executives
Content production

Our content is designed to be engaging and interactive, making it easy for learners to absorb the material. We use a variety of formats, including videos, powerpoints, interactive activities, and e-books, to ensure that learners remain engaged and interested.

We also employ various methods of assessment to ensure that learners are able to retain and apply the material. Additionally, we are able to provide content updates and maintenance, ensuring that any changes in technology or the industry are reflected in the learning material.

Content that pops

Creating engaging and informative digital learning materials, such as videos, audio recordings, graphics, and interactive activities.

Collaborative by default

All content is designed to be absorbed together with others in your company, making collaborative learning the default state of all you learning efforts

Training & facilitation

Our training programs are designed to help you develop your leadership and management skills, improve your communication and negotiation techniques, and build your understanding of business operations and processes.

Our experienced team of trainers can tailor a program to meet your specific needs. We also offer online and on-site training for to accommodate any logistical need

Training delivery

Most clients hire us to deliver training on Agile Leadership, Dealing with Change, and Team Development

Workshop facilitation

We facilitate workshops on digital adoption, learning culture, solution focus coaching


We focus on helping managers and team leaders to become better leaders and to create an environment of success.

For individual contributors

We use solution focus coaching (BRIEF) to deliver results in the shortest amount of time possible and we mainly work to build leadership autonomy and agility

For teams

Using our very own team coaching methodology called Map the Gap, we help teams create an exciting vision of the future, find the stepping stones in the present and define the steps needed to bridge the gap between today and tomorrow