Great tech skills
are rarely enough

Our training modules are not one-size-fits-all. They're fully customizable and designed to promote the sharing of skills and knowledge among your tech team.

Learning paths designed to spark their interest*

Through the use of captivating narratives & interactive gameplay elements, even those who are initially doubtful find themselves intrigued by what awaits them.

* This is an example of a more gamified learning path on Communication skills

How it works

Option 1: We train your internal HR team on building great content & deploying it


Option 2: We take care of everything

Needs analysis 1-3 days

We take time to understand your current team structure, team level & desired outcome.

Interview the CTO/Founder
Review team structure to understand required skillset

Customize content 1-5 days

We use our framework for rapid content development to customize both the content and the process of learning

Design the initial learning path structure
Design & validate the first module
Determine the pace & timing of the learning proces

Content delivery 1-4 modules / month

We schedule content in your tech team calendar and we use content dripping (scheduled delivery) to make sure we strike the right balance between keeping them engaged and giving them space to apply.

Create & launch kickoff event
Schedule first 4 learning modules
Deploy learning journey

Reporting monthly

Each month, the system sends you a custom report with all the content that has been delivered, the impact it had at an individual level and actionable steps for the team leaders.

Actionable steps & analysis
Refine content based on usage patterns
Contact sales

“The software creates experiential learning moments in the virtual space that are as natural as the real-life experiences.”

Cristina Leca
Country Coordinator for Training & Development @ Continental Automotive