Build a culture of learning
in the absence of the physical office

A community around learning.

Create the habit of staying in touch, sharing ideas, learning and supporting each-other

  • Schedule weekly / monthly team sessions

    We provide a learning scheduler and best practices for keeping people engaged in the long run.

  • Make learning challenging, but fun

    With our built in game-based learning engine, people can experience a feeling of accomplishment together with their colleagues.

  • Team bonding, team building, team learning

    Create learning teams around common workplace challenges by building interesting scenarios and case studies that can only be solved together with others.

Help them fall in love with digital learning

Show people that digital learning can be rewarding, fun and engaging

  • Social learning

    By showing people that learning over the internet can be an opportunity to be with their peers, the natural human drive of connecting with others surfaces.

  • Problem-based learning

    Solving problems is one of the best ways to learn something and to increase self-esteem, and you can build learning content that is calibrated to people's seniority and expertise to keep them motivated to learn.

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