Onboarding remote employees is challenging

Help new joiners get settled into the company culture and structure
faster then ever before


Design a more meaningful process

When onboarding employees remotely, a more meaningful process helps them both discover the company and their colleagues and form the initial social connections with their team members and other new joiners.

Get new joiners to bond with each-other

Encourage new employees to form social connections with one another. This can be beneficial because it can help new members feel more comfortable and integrated within the group, and it can also foster a positive and supportive group dynamic

HOW: Virtual team building games
*20+ teamplates available
Help them understand the company values

Understanding the company values is important because it helps new members understand the culture and expectations of the organization, and it can also help guide their behavior and decision-making.

HOW: Experiential case-studies & sims
*50+ teamplates available
Get them on the right page on important topics

Ensuring that new members are on the same page as the rest of the organization on critical topics is important because it helps ensure that there is a shared understanding of how to operate within the organization.

HOW: Experiential case-studies & sims
*50+ teamplates available
Integrate them in their teams

Helping new employees become fully integrated and accepted within their specific team or group within the organization is crucial: it helps new members feel more connected to the team and the organization, and it can also help improve team cohesion and productivity.

HOW: Virtual team building & team boding exercises
*50+ teamplates available
Measure the impact of the onboarding process

Take a look at the data generated after team building, team bonding and training activities to understand who has settled in and who needs som more support.

HOW: Predictive analytics

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